Car Sterilisation by Ozone Treatment

It actually kills viruses. Ozone penetrates outer wall of virus and enters into the nucleus resulting in damage of viral RNA and kills the virus. Ozone treatment is a tried and tested method to destroy bacteria and viruses that has been used over decades in sterilisation applications. Ozone(O3) being a form of oxygen is absolutely safe for humans. Wheelspa has developed an Ozone treatment specially for sterilising the passenger compartment of your car. It’s the best known treatment to keep you safe and protected from bacteria and viruses. The effect is good to last you for at least 6 months. Keep your family safe.

Advantages to Sanitising your Car :

■ It improves the quality of air in the cars interior.
■ It increases the driving comfort.
■ Eliminates odours provoked by the presence of moulds plant of air conditioning.
■ Reduces problems of allergies.
■ It protects passengers' health.
■ It removes any existence of prior owners and restores the vehicle to factory cleanliness.
■ Provide peace of mind to car owners.

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  • Single Ozone Treatment


  • Ozone Treatment with Interior Enrichment


  • AMC (Annual Maintanance Contract) = 4 Ozone Treatment with Interior Cleaning